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An Excerpt From The 2011 Edition Of Buck O’Roon’s “Poor Manner’s Almanac”

Being that it is among the most natural of things to reflect upon the lessons of the past year whenever contemplating the ripe possibilities of the year to come, I offer the following: Various & Sundry Definitions Acquired While Sitting … Continue reading

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The Call Center of the Universe

The following is a transcript of a recent telephone conversation between a service representative of the Universal Order’s Department of the Meaning of It All (UODMIA) and the 4,278,930,265th dissatisfied customer of the day: [3:48am EDT, 9/22/10, Call Origination: Paskaloochee, … Continue reading

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Descartes’ Charioteer

René Descartes gazed with awe upon the Specter of Doubt he’d raised, but wept when he saw It swallow L’Esprit de L’Âge in Its unremitting maw. * * * Enslaved then until his death, he built It a chariot christened … Continue reading

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