123 Years Young And Still Growing

On the morning of September 17, 2010, a card, along with a large bouquet of flowers, was found on the doorstep of 700 Pennsylvania Ave., in Washington D.C.  Written in the card was the following note:

Dearest Uncle,

We hope this letter finds you in a sounder state of mind and body than you have possessed as of late. It is, after all, a day to celebrate and we wish for you all the health and vigor necessary to do so – all that and measures more! A number of us will be visiting you today, as we do most days, but you should not be surprised if the special nature of this occasion puts a smile upon our faces. We imagine it will put a smile on yours.

I will keep this correspondence brief, for there will be plenty of time to chat of happier things. As many of us will be unable to make the trip today in order to see you in person, I forward the following apology on behalf of your entire household. We are truly, deeply, humbly sorry for the misunderstandings that have recently arisen. There is not the slightest sliver of doubt that the balance of guilt tilts heavily toward our side of the scales. While, as in all communication, the expression of your thoughts may sometimes lack in clarity, the benevolent intention of your wisdom and wishes for us is unquestionable. Often, when such vagueness has crept into our fellowship, a great deal of us has taken advantage of you and the situation. Believe us now when we write that it is ever wrong to misquote someone or put words in a mouth where they have been neither spoken nor implied. Libelous falsehood is not one of the many allowances for which you have provided, nor is it something we can or should wish to claim.

What else is left to write but that we hope to deserve the love and blessings you have long showered upon us and we look with optimism toward the coming years? Let them be bountiful in number and fortune, for you and for us all.

With Love and Gratitude,

We the People of the United States


About Buck O'Roon

Buck O'Roon [buhk oh-roon] –noun 1. a southerner of skeptical stripe, recognizable by his deeply furrowed brow and increasing lack of patience for institutionalized horse manure 2. curmudgeon-in-training
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