Only The Cat Will Remember

When, at last, all these false lights tire

of pressing at the patient dark

and, flickering unstoked, expire,

one by one, ‘til Jupiter’s spark,

the sun, the moon, the stars entire,

Pole-girding Aurora’s jade arc,

the bioluminescent fire,

Vulcan’s spittle on summer bark,

or some bolide’s self-absorbed pyre,

are all that remain to remark

on Humanity’s cold ember,

only the Cat will remember.

* * *

When this conspiracy of vines,

weeds, shrubs, turf – unchecked manicure

of homogenized lawns – aligns

against the void architecture

where a thin dog, whose lonesome whines

grew hoarse as it sought to conjure

affection from a corpse, consigns

itself to hungrily abjure

Domesticity’s weak confines

and, biting onto Instinct’s lure,

drags off what it can dismember,

only the Cat will remember.

* * *

When kennel, collar, leash, and law

have lost all power to harass –

for Master’s swollen, slackened jaw

holds no commandments left to pass –

and shattered tooth and tattered claw

tear holes in mortar, wood, and glass

so these tame kin of wolves may draw

together on suburban grass

to let long frozen Nature thaw

as pecking order’s rigid class

finds a place for each new member,

Only the Cat will remember.

* * *

When, hesitant as a first kiss,

come skulking down the avenue

packs of near-wolves exploring this

abandoned world that they once knew,

where, like a beckoning Abyss,

yawns every window’s blackened view

and all the rugs they once would piss

now slosh at forepaws’ touch, soaked through

where roof and wall make sunbeams miss

uncounted mornings’ clinging dew

that will turn frost in November,

only the Cat will remember.

* * *

When cow, horse, sheep, pig, ox, and goat

provide the dogs fresh meat and bone,

starved, suffocated fishes float,

caged birds desiccate, dry as stone,

while every free, unfettered throat

sends up one shrill, rejoicing drone,

and, fat on Gluttony’s last bloat,

the crow brags in its jarring tone

as migratory masses float

down to Earth, claiming for their own

the untouched yields of September,

Only the Cat will remember.

* * *

From blue whale to blue-green algae,

from preying wolf to mourning dove,

none is so like humanity

as the Cat: they match love for love

and are loyal to loyalty,

but each rudeness, from slight to shove,

is nursed in vengeful memory.

Yet, unlike us, they’d not dream of

letting spite breed catastrophe.

Still, though they may long walk above

the grave of our last December,

at least the Cat will remember.


About Buck O'Roon

Buck O'Roon [buhk oh-roon] –noun 1. a southerner of skeptical stripe, recognizable by his deeply furrowed brow and increasing lack of patience for institutionalized horse manure 2. curmudgeon-in-training
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