Descartes’ Charioteer

René Descartes gazed with awe

upon the Specter of Doubt

he’d raised, but wept when he saw

It swallow L’Esprit de L’Âge

in Its unremitting maw.

* * *

Enslaved then until his death,

he built It a chariot

christened “Queen Elisabeth”.

His face shone in the bright bronze

he’d polished with his own breath.

* * *

Yet heeding not causal force

nor giving just regard to

the Driver steering the course,

this daydreaming stable-boy

put Descartes before the horse.

* * *

“Je pense, donc je suis,” we’ve heard

and readily do agree –

denial would be absurd –

but did Descartes think to ask

how wonder itself is stirred?

* * *

Though “Cogito, ergo sum,”

Descartes wrote, he asked not why

Thought marches to Desire’s drum.

Sentio, ergo fio:

I feel, therefore I become!


About Buck O'Roon

Buck O'Roon [buhk oh-roon] –noun 1. a southerner of skeptical stripe, recognizable by his deeply furrowed brow and increasing lack of patience for institutionalized horse manure 2. curmudgeon-in-training
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